Okay, so I have this piece I am calling FRANKENBROAD. I want to give a custom 6×8 inch canvas of her to one winner.  I’ve got a little extra money to kick around this month, and I like to make someones day a little better every once in awhile.

So.   One person that comments on this post will win a FRANKENBROAD.   She will be totally custom to you. You will pick her hair color, her bow color, and the background color.   [background fades ->  white/YOUR COLOR/Black.]

Basically, she will look like the photo over to the left, but the colors are up to you, and she is on a 6×8 inch layered canvas board, and not quickly sketched on lined paper with crayola and sharpie markers. It will be with paints, pencils, and artist markers.

She will be made when I pick a winner, so this Frakenbroad won’t look 100% like the one pictured, however, it will look close as it will be made off a base.

How do I get her, you ask?  SIMPLE!

COMMENT ON THIS POST!  Tell me what hair color, bow color, and background color you’d like. 

When you comment, you must either sign in with one of the services provided, or include your  CORRECT email so I can get your information if you win.

Clicking NOTIFY ME will also help me contact you.

Winner will be picked at random on Friday Sept. 27th, 2013.

Good luck!


9 thoughts on “Frankengiveaway!

    • You dont get to pick the eyes, and Im not sure what you mean by the border. If you win, you’ll get the blonde hair, pink bow, and green background fading to black. Her eyes are whitish red because she is re-animated so she has dead yes.

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