How to bind your own Hardback Book

How to bind your own Hardback Book

So, I’m pretty obsessed with making my own notebooks. I never use them, though. I had to stop.  Also, I was terrible at making them the first – oh – million times.   I found this online for a friend who wanted to bind her poems into a book. Now I want to make another book using this method.     I’m just itching to make another book  [see, I told you – ADD.] 

Maybe when I get some more scratch, I’ll join a journal swap on They’re fun, but I’ve never made my journal for a swap. I’m also weary because the flake to not ratio in journal swaps is just… stupid high.  like, standing in the middle of a burning pot field high.  I don’t fancy spending 10+ on something and getting stiffed.     But still, what the hell would I do with another book? 



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