Have you realized by now?  This is just useless rambling. It’s like a twitter, only I don’t have to keep my fat trap shut after 140 characters. 


I’m really bad at keeping a blog. I’m short, to the point, and most of the time I trail off and never actually finish the blog properly..  or the sentence in some cases.

Basically, right now, I am waiting for the clear coat on three pieces to dry. Then I can hit it with another layer of clear coat. HORRAY!!  Man, I need to pick up more clear coat.  I’m going through this like a huffer goes through silver paint.  I almost typed hugger. Not sure what a hugger would do with silver paint, but thank you mind, for being so warm and fuzzy that you autocorrect my thinking to hugger. yay hugs.

Other stuff.  batman. still have that batman. I also have to write to Brandy. I keep slacking on that. Slacking hard.  But, in my defense – video games.    Tiny Tina in particular. I just adore that batshit crazy boomie little 13 year old. I wish I had the money and space to cosplay. I’d cosplay the shit out of Tiny Tina in every day life.   I’d be Tiny Tina – just walking around Wal*Mart picking up nail polish or something random.    That sounds fun, actually.  

I’m going through and checking out all the blogs for the FOLLOW ME 17 swap on swap-bot.  Some of these ladies have awesome blogs.. and heres mine. It’s a giant pile of blabber mushed into a WTF shape. It’s so random. Sorry about that. Actually, no, Im not. I’m random. This is how things are in my head.  Unfinished sentences, a million ideas, and sometimes, theres a nipple or something.


I got lost in this movie again. ADD is in full effect today. I haven’t even made coffee and my mind is going a million miles a minute, but I don’t want to do anything.


But I must go finish this clear coat. Get those photos up, then work on a batman. Tonight I think I’ll work on some more ATC swaps. Not enough time or hands to do everything i want to do in one day. bleh.


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