Good morning!

Okay, well…. afternoon.     Woke up late because D is on vacation.  Today I have to  finish this Batman Raggle and start on a Dinorawr.  I love making Dinorawrs. I want a giant one for myself, but I haven’t found the right yarn. I need the perfect pink/green color combo.


I also have a swap or two to do. I have to clear coat some paintings – [ omg so exited about one of them ]   and I have to torture my boyfriend with Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.   Simply, I love these movies. I have the books, and have read them so many times that for a point in my life, I wrote in a similar fashion as Bridget without even realizing it.  A friend of mine pointed that out when I wrote a letter to her.   Teenagers. ha. So easily influenced. 


Okay, so yeah.  Must go hit these with the adhesive and then the top coats so I can come back and sit on swap-bot til my coffee is cool enough to drink and I can start working.  – okay, so til’ my coffee is cold and gone and then I realized   “OH SHIT! I’ve been putzing around on swapbot for far longer than I expected. I guess I’ll actually be an adult and work now.”  That’s happened. A few times, actually.  Okay, more than a few. A lot.  Oh swapbot. .___.


going. gone.


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