nightmare before xmas atc collection #4

Via Flickr:
Going to christy102194 for the nightmare before xmas atc collection #4 swap : oogie boogie.

This ATC is made with Micron and Sharpie markers, colored pencils, and I used crayola markers to blend colors.

Oogie is a second layer over the moon and background.

My custom ATC backer is on the back, of course.

I’m knockin’ these out tonight. Back to normal work on Monday. Back to knockin out dolls. But at least now I have quite a few ATCs done and I can just send them out when they’re assigned. I have to stop myself from joining more a] because I don’t have the stamps to do so, and b] because I don’t have the time to do so… Oh, who am I kidding. I’d make the time to make an ATC if I had more stamps. I flippin’ love making tiny bits of art…ish?

I hope the people that get my ATCs like them as much as I like making them. -ponders- I wonder if anyone has just chucked them in the trash. I’m sure someone has at some point. Some of my ATCs back when I started were awful.


Some of th ATCs I make now are kind of awful, but were the best I could do.

Thats what I get for looking at a swap and going “Oh, you could totally do that. JOIN THAT. JOIN THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW.” and then im whimpering in a corner with a jar of glitter glued to my hand because my ATC looks like a unicorn threw up all over it and I no longer have any idea where I was going with that glitter train, only that it derailed and there are many many causalities.. many shiny sparkling causalities… all over my damn rug.

What was i… oh yeah. oogie. like him. word.


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