Funky journal, spongebob stickers and little mermaid stickers – because I’m a big kid.

Went to the store to pick up some food and stuff for the week and I just had to stop by the sale aisle. Some times you find some really awesome crap.  This journal was marked $7.99, but on sale for $1.50.  There was also a 300 ct set of Little Mermaid stickers and a 104 ct of Spongebob stickers.  Both which I will use in writing letters.  I’m not a big fan of stickers usually, but I can’t say no to The Little Mermaid, and I’m all about Spongebob. Plus, they were super SUPER cheap.   The journal is small, so I’m sure those pages will go quick. The front is like a hard clear zebra striped green plastic. I’m very sure I can find something to use that on. There’s a good chance I’ll just use it on another book. Maybe a sketch book. Like I need another sketch book. I haven’t even filled the ones I have. I just tore one apart because the cover got ripped. I just ripped out all the pages and am using them for idea sketches and throw away stuff.  Sorry Fancy Octopus goes on a date. I will eventually make you again, and better. WE CAN DO IT. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY! (Also, i pintrested the shit out of how to make a book, and now I understand a whole lot more than I did when I made Fancy Octopus. It was falling apart at the binding and I used too much glue. It got a little – uhm. soggy.. yeah. weird when your book feels squishy-ie.  We are all mad here sketchbook is put together WAY better.) 


I also found two totally cute birthday cards for two totally cute ladies. I just have to remember to send them both out. I suck at being a card sendin’ friend.  I’m all ‘derrrp. birthday?’   Thanks iPod! You let me remember things when I forget to check my daily planner. [every day. why did I even buy that thing? oh yeah. I was all “hey, adults use these things.”…. nope. Still not at the “responsible day planner using adult” stage yet. I’m a “post it note sticking on my toad tank so I see things I need to do when I turn on their light in the morning” kinda gal. ]


Also, I had Pumpkin Spice coffee for the first time today. Boom. Done. Drinking all the pumpkin til I can’t find it anymore.  Weird I haven’t tried it yet. I mean, I only started liking coffee not to long ago, but you think with the fact that I LOVE pumpkin that I would have tried pumpkin spice the very second I saw it for sale again. I did not.  I am ashamed of myself.  fucking. delicious. 


Tomorrow we’re back from vacation.  Vacation consisted of me drawing a lot and him playing GTAV all week. We’re both okay with that. With my Dad being in the hospital, I wasn’t really feeling going anywhere in case I was needed for any reason. Plus, if we don’t take a small vacation, we can put that money aside for the St. Johns vacation we’ve been talking about for almost 4 years. We’ll get there one day. It will be the greatest day of my life.


Second greatest-  6 months from now when I can upgrade to a fucking iPhone and get rid of this terrible ‘droid. I hate this thing.  I do not want any other Android phone because of how much I hate the droid.    I love my iPod. I love my guys iPhone.  I know where I belong.  I’m just doin’ time in droid jail till I can get back home to apple.  I’ll be there soon, buddy.  April 1st, you and I can be best friends.




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  1. Love pumpkin everything! I just made pumpkin ravioli– they were amazing!! I found them frozen and made a brown butter sage sauce to go over them– YUM! A must try if you come across them!

    Magena22 (swap-bot)

    • Whaaatttt? Pumpkin ravioli?! Oh no. This is a must find for me now. Or a make if I can’t find as I assume a recipe would be simple enough to find online. I need to taste this!

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