My crazy ideas…


ATC backers on matte photos.

I got that COME BACK – 50 free shutterfly email the other day.  I have a ton of photos I want printed, but I don’t have the space to put them at the moment, so they sit on my hard drive. I have a spot above my dresser that has the ‘highlights’ of mine and my boyfriends relationship thus far, but theres no photos I need printed for that…

so I thought..    50 photos could get me 100 decent ATC backers.  Right now I am printing out my backers in black and white.  It’s using all my stinkin’ ink, and that stuff isn’t cheap. 😐   [ well, not when you’re broke, anyway.]

So, I added a little color to the ones I already use, and added a large black border around them so I can cut them accordingly. I figure if I have them printed in matte, it will look better and I can use a sharpie marker to write all the information I need on them.   This was just a crazy on a whim idea. Sometimes my far fetched ideas work out well… sometimes, I end up sitting in the sink arms and legs flailing because I’m too short to get any leverage to get out. Yes, that happened. ONCE.  shuddup.

I don’t know if they’re going to work, but for 4$, I may as well give it a try. I can figure out ways to make it work. I have all sorts of markers. I’ll write in paint if I have to. 100 of these will work, just depends on how well and if I order more at any point.

Heres ta hopin’.  I hope they’re here soon, because I like projects.


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