Skin vs the curling iron.



So I’m just sitting here working on my  GOTH GIRL ATC and I reach over to grab my eraser… 100% forgetting that I was letting the curling iron warm up  on the edge of the stand.   Curling iron is what I use to put my tags on my dolls. The iron is far too big. The curling iron is the exact width of the tag and puts them on without melting the yarn.  DOESNT STOP IT FROM MELTING MY ARM THOUGH!

So, here I am, aloe on that nasty welt. Whining because it really hurts and its on the fleshy underside of my arm so I can’t put my arm down anywhere.  Right now, I’m sitting with my leg up and my elbow area on my knee so my arm hangs down and the bottom part doesn’t touch anything.

How am I going to draw?!  How am I going to make ATCs?  😐

Screw that.

HOW AM I GOING TO WORK! I have two more orders I HAVE to get out soon, and it really hurts to move my arm. Any twisting of my wrist hurts like the dickens.

Man Issy. You’re awesome.   -shake my head- They need to invent a new word, because I think I’ve far surpassed “clumsy”


2 thoughts on “Skin vs the curling iron.

  1. Geez, the same thing happened to me yesterday. Sooo, ALOE VERA really saves the day in those times of burning. Hahaha. I was even blogging about it while I was treating my burn,.
    but Your burn looks smoother compared to mine. 😥

    It was nice reading this post, Try not to burn your whole arm! 😀
    Take care!
    – Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)

    • Honey!! Honey saved me. I ran my arm under cold water for a few minutes, then I smeared on a layer of honey and covered it in Aloe, and it doesn’t hurt one bit. It stopped hurting totally maybe 30 minutes after I put it on and hasn’t hurt since. It looks like a burn, but doesn’t feel like one. I don’t know if honey works on open blisters, but for surface burns, I’d use it again in a heartbeat!

      I wish I had the dedication to blog while I treated my burn. I was too busy trying not to cry and cursing like a sailor lol.

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