Fun fact:

I am not a blogger.  I am a nonsensical rambler with an internet connection.



That being said..


dude.   honey.  HONEY ON ALL THE SURFACE BURNS. ‘Cuz holy shit, that worked.  After I burned my arm, I ran it under cold water for about 10 minutes. I wanted the damn thing to just go numb and stay that way till I could figure out what to do.  Turns out, that was a good thing to do because it stops the burn from going deeper into muscle and shit. Who knew. [possibly everyone but me.]  Anyway.   I did that. Then I tried Aloe. meh. It worked, but for a few minutes and then I had to put more on, and having to wipe the old off kinda sucked at that point.


TO THE GOOGLES. [ via way of bing because mama needs to rack up those bing rewards points to get free amazon shit.  FUCK YOU BING. I ONLY USE YOU TO REDIRECT ME TO GOOGLE.] 


People said vinegar but I didn’t feel like smelling THAT.  It will make me want fries or dye easter eggs.. What? Werido. Whatever.  Then I read HONEY.  Honey quickly relieves and heals due to the acidic nature of it or some sciencey shit. I said, “Hey, I’m pretty much addicted to honey and I have a whole slew of it.” so I grabbed a bottle and a paper towel. I dampened the towel and globbed some honey on then smeared it on my arm.  It was kind of slidey from my arm being wet still, so I grabbed my aloe and covered the honey. The aloe tends to gel up pretty quick and so I used that to form a barrier around the honey. Mission accomplished. It didn’t run and shortly there after [read: half hour] my arm stopped hurting.  I kept the goop on it and covered it in gauze and went about my day.  An hour or so later, I washed it off [ no pain what so ever rubbing the honey off my arm] and  I was good to go.   Every so often I put Aloe on it to keep it from getting stiff and gross, but thats about it.   

YAY BEES AND THEIR MAGICAL WONDERFUL VOMIT!  I’d hug one of you little dudes if I wasn’t allergic and knew how to hug something the size of a bee.


One thought on “Fun fact:

  1. First, I love your description of “I am a nonsensical rambler with an internet connection.” So perfect. But I also loved learning about the honey. i will definitely try that the next time I burn myself (which, since I am a klutz, is ineviatble!) –basykes on SwapBot

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