Finishing up the legs of this Deadpool so that I can mark it shipped tonight.   Mailperson came SUPER early today, so I can’t get it out this afternoon like I had hoped.      But anyway, finishing this Deadpool and I am very unhappy with the yarn. I couldn’t get to Michael’s 20+ minutes away, so  I had to pick up red yarn at  Wal*mart (yuck).  They don’t sell Caron 1 pounds there, sadly. I wish they did. At least, they don’t at mine.   So I picked up the only correct weight of red they had at the store at the time, and its terrible.  I hate it.

I am going to Michael’s today to pick up some more canvas and some other things.  I have to remember to get a GOOD red. I must make a list so I remember.   Im hoping that paper is on sale so that I can pick up more. I like making my own envies and ATC holders and 6 sheets for 1 makes a good amount of them.


4 thoughts on “Ugh.

    • Oh me too. Its a last ditch effort if I can’t make it to 25 minutes away to Michaels/ JoAnns / AC Moore [seriously, all three are about 4 minutes away from each other. JoAnns and AC Moore are in the same shopping center! WHY DO THEY ALL HAVE TO BE SO FAR. Michaels used to be 5 minutes from me, then they decided to move to another building 25 minutes away on a highway intersection that is ALWAYS backed up. ugh. ]

    • Yes, I always spend more than I want in there… I see things and go “oh hey… let me buy that even though I dont at all need it but I’ll figure out something to do iwth it.” Coupons from the App/ Website really cut down my spending though. 😀

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