Just me.

Just me.

Hanging out. Taking a break from working. This is what my burn looks like about 3 days after I did it. It doesn’t hurt a lick, but its pretty crappy looking, and its peeling and it looks like a blister HAD started but decided to get lazy and stop forming.

But for that to not hurt AT ALL.. I’m not even putting anything on it anymore. NO PAIN. It’s nutty. Seriously nutty. I’ve burned myself on a lighter and it hurt more than this. From now on, I really am going to use honey for all my surface burns… and I get a good amount of them. This will be AWESOME when I Burn my fingers. I’ll still be able to work… and it wont hinder anything. Yarn and a burn do not mix. AT ALL. pain when that yarn drags across a burn. I am so happy over how little this hurts. ❤ Maybe stings a bit when Im putting on a long sleeve or laying in bed, but thats it.


4 thoughts on “Just me.

  1. I’ve never heard of using honey on a burn, but I’m definitely going to try it the next time I burn myself! (I do it quite frequently, because apparently I will never master the art of taking something out of the oven.)
    Glad you’re not in pain!

    greeneyes- follow me #18

    • Im keeping a jar of honey in the fridge so I won’t eat it (not a fan of cold honey) and will have it for the next time I burn myself – because I will. I know it. It happens often.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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