all the lulz.

This is prime example of how random and weird I am. BOOBS. I find this HILARIOUS. People are always wanting tits. TITS OR GTFO. This is what they’ll be getting. PEOPLE HATE ME. Oh, you wanna see boobs? WELL YOU DIDNT SAY ACTUAL BOOBS – so here have paper boobs.

ive had two similar photos as my twitter avi’s before and MAN did people get mad at me. “What the fuck, why would you do that. Thats just mean” Mean? I think its funny as fuck that people get bent out of shape because they can’t see someones boobs. ITS THE INTERNET. Just google BOOBS and you’ll get PAGES.. Tits for days, man. DAYS. WEEKS. shit, years. If you don’t like the tits you see on one face, learn photoshop and mesh your ideal face onto your favorite pair of boobs and BAM. done.

I still think this is hilarious though. My friends do too. Before you call me “an immature child who wouldn’t think like that if she wasn’t 20…” I’m 30 and I still think its fucking hilarious. Im pretty sure I always will. I’m going to be 90 standing somewhere holding up drawn saggy paper tits and wiggling my eyebrows like HEY YOUNG WHIPPERSNAPPERS!

Take me as I am… because I dont change for anyone…. mostly because Im lazy. Changing require me to do work on stuff.. and it also requires me to not be as awesome as I am.. Less awesome is not okay with me. Everyone needs to be MORE awesome… and more free.. and take things less seriously.

You can’t take life seriously. Its just going to eat you alive.


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