Todays stuff.

100_4222 Sending out a Deadpool Raggle today. I got a lot of “create” done today, but not as much as I’d like.  It’s 12:32am right now, and I’m not sleeping. Im not that tired.All my create stuff is in the bedroom though, and my boyfriend is sleeping right now. If I rattle around pulling bags and boxes of markers and paper and stuff out, it will wake him up and I will feel bad.

He doesn’t have the option of sleeping in like I do.

Oh well. I will just finish my  FOLLOW ME swap and go to bed.

swap stuff and stuff.


Got these today –
Alice in Wonderland notecards from aliceinconverse and goth girl atc usa frrom tazangelbabydes


Working on a Portrait of the Undead ATC and the right is my GOTH GIRL ATC


Close up of the goth girl atc usa ATC going to RAINDARGON. She was done on a layer of cardstock, then cut out. She was then filled in with watercolor and standard color pencils. She was attached to a spider background and a skull and border was added. I plan to go over her again to make everything a little darker before I send her out.


Little Mermaid 6×8 canvas layered piece. This is going to a friend of mine. I am going to make a second one to match this and keep it for myself so that we are painting twinsies. ❤


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