New ATC backers came!

ImageSO, my ATC backers came today.  Yipee!


I had 50 free prints from shutterfly, so I made a backer, and put two on a 4×6 sized black JPG and sent it in as a photo. 50 free means I now have 100 ATC backers for $4.00  Color and durable.


I wrote on a test one with Sharpie ultra fine point marker and it worked awesome. No smudging. Dried right away.


I got Matte prints so they aren’t as shiny. That may play into why its so easy to write on without any smears.


I put one of my awesome clear ATCs that I got from swap-bot awhile back up to the ones I got today, and they line up perfect. Even if they’re a little smaller than  the ATC, there is a wide black strip around it, you you can cut it larger if you need to.   Can’t really beat all that.  I like the fact that I’m not wasting my own ink.  I never have photos I really need printed when they throw the LOTS OF FREE PHOTOS IF YOU COME BACK at me, so I think from now on, I’ll just use those to get backers when I need them.   Bonus, I can change around what my backers look like each time, so they never grow old.

Below are 3 backers I made that you can DL and print out with a photo service yourself using the 4×6 inch format.   Black, Blue, and a Pinkish Purple are the colors you can pick from.   Just click on the photo to download the full sized file.


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