Robot love

Robot love by oddbroad
Robot love, a photo by oddbroad on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Blue robot going to somene on swapbot for a wishlist wish and pink robot going to a friend of mine.


black and white usa #5 theme-butterfly

Via Flickr:
A layered butterfly for the black and white usa #5 theme-butterfly. Sending to thequilterslink

The underlayer is zentangled. THe butterfly wings fold up to see the zen under the solid butterfly.

Snowman ATC

Snowman ATC by oddbroad
Snowman ATC, a photo by oddbroad on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
For the Snowman ATC swap. For: N1ght0wl21

Background is colored pencil for the night sky, pearlescent white as the snow on the bottom and dotted around the night sky. Gel pen used for falling snow. Glitter used for stars in the sky.

Snowman is lifted off card. White pearlescent watercolor for the snow, colored pencil for everything else.

100% Hand drawn.

down the rabbit hole ATC collection u.s.a #5

Via Flickr:
Hand drawn on cardstock with markers and colored pencil.

White rabbit is lifted off t he backer, which is mushrooms and vines.

This is my first attempt at lifting the main focus. I have decided not to add a border as I think that would take away from the ATC.

My partner likes the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland, so I’m really hoping this hits the spot.

Cut all my 12×12 into 6×12 inch strips for envelopes. This is my stack. #addiction

I think I may have an addiction to paper. I pick up 2 or 3$ worth every time I see the 4/1$ or 6/1$ sales at the craft store. I use them for envelopes and ATC holders. The stack is huge now that I’ve cut them in half. None of them are really good for making ATCs – but they’re GREAT for envelopes.