Spider ATC

Spider ATC by oddbroad
Spider ATC, a photo by oddbroad on Flickr.

Spider with a Halloween theme. Spider hangs with a ghost costume over him. Both swing around the card.

The spider has pulled apart yarn on his back to make him fuzzy.

Background is hand drawn planks, paper ripped up and glued over it and then dampened and rubbed to give it the appearance of worn wall paper.

Soft pastel was rubbed over the planks & wall paper to give it an old dirty look.

Gel pen was used to draw the spider web.


My Butterfly ATC

My Butterfly ATC by oddbroad
My Butterfly ATC, a photo by oddbroad on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Butterfly for the AMS: Free Theme ATC Swap. Going to glittergirl1791

Three layers of cardstock, all hand drawn and cut out. Flower glued to the background, and the butterfly to the flower so the wings can be lifted when taken out of the sleeve.

The wings also have glitter on them.